Free Sims. The Best Free Sim Cards For Use In Any Phone

compare free sim cardsGot a phone that needs a Free Sim Card then check out the different options available from all the UK networks. These simcards are free, and charges are in line with the networks PAYG call charges and top up rates.

Free sims come with no contract and some even include an allowance of free internet or texts.

Free Sims! :As explained above you can get a free sim card from any network. Perhaps you just want to change networks or you want to check the service before you sign up for a new contract. Whatever you need a free simcard for you have plenty of options to get you started. These simcards are all free of charge and are sent within 48 hours to your address by the postie. Just swap the new sim with your old one, pay a top up amount and the allowance will last for up to 30 days.

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Free Sims From Vodafone, Three And O2 Stand Out The Most

Vodafone are a great network when it comes to finding a free payg sim. Not only do you benefit from the great service you also get a network who provide a decent mobile internet service. However you connect with a free sim from Vodafone you should be happy. Coverage is good and improving all the time and standard call charges on the payg plans are about the most competitive.

If you do not fancy Vodafone you may wish to consider Three. Three provide free sims with all contract orders and are equally keen to sign you up without one. With everything Three offer their pay as you go rates provide the biggest allowance for your money. This is the same when it comes to their internet allowances as you can see. Excess charges are higher with Three so it is worth checking your expected allowance against the tariff you choose.

You will have a choice when it comes to mobile broadband, either choosing a dongle sim for your existing kit or in purchasing a combined dongle deal. With prices as low as £10 a month on a rolling 1 month contract either way you will not be out of pocket.

These dongle sims are on offer from all the main UK networks, and on a contract basis all provide download speeds upto 21Mbps. If you choose a dongle sim that is on pay as you go then you may get slower speeds for downloading from any or all of the networks.

The other network to offer lots of extras with their free simcards is O2. You get clear pricing and if you top up by a certain amount every 30 days you also get lots of extras. These can include free sims with unlimited text, or free simcards with access to BT openzone. Awarded best network by OFCOM for the 2nd year running O2 is one for high quality service as well as just being good for calls.

Choose A Free Sim : The networks see free sims as a way to gain new customers just as much as they do with contracts. There is less cost involved since it generally includes no hardware so deals and prices are reflected here. With all networks also including Internet within the thinking when releasing new Pay as you go tariffs these sim cards now genuinely provide an alternative option to anyone wanting to avoid a contract.

Great Things About Free Sims

Apart from the obvious perks such as having no contract or using them to test the network before you sign up to any contract you can find further perks related to free sims. Here is our quick run down of the main ones just to help you stay fully up to date.

No Up Front Cost The term free sim probably gives it away but which ever network you decide to get a sim from you will not be asked to pay any upfront charge. This means you can technically try them all in a short space of time.

Extras For Regular Top Ups Get bonus minutes, text or internet with some of the sims when you top up every 30 days. A quick text to a shortcode may be required to choose your free extras. The network will provide details of this within their tariff tables.

Use In Any Phone No ties to any network required, so if you choose a different network than your current provider then no problem. Your flexibility is fully open with a free sim card from any of the networks listed.

Great For Holidays With some tariffs including texts in europe you can save yourself worries about using a contract sim when away, and instead swap it for a free version just before you go. With networks offering free to receive texts you only pay for what you send.

Best Free Sim Cards

This time choosing the best free sim card will be literally down to you. Above anything you should have an idea of how much you want to pay and how much you will need to use. If the total price from top ups exceeds what you can get from a shorter contract sim then consider this also.

Whatever you need you have to pay for, that is the only golden rule to remember when looking at these sims. The best free sim card will generally stand out to you when searching through the tariffs. If you can find one that matches your budget and usage then we recommend you give that one a try.

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